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Darn you, John Noble, for making me cry.

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I realized I should post once in a while on this darn thing than just stare at my tv and my word processor all day.

Person of Interest )
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The fact they made me wait an excruciating few weeks after such a hiatus cliffhanger (did I mention I hate cliffhangers) should deduct points...

Use the cushion! )
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What cruel, maniacal, twisted son of a TV writer invented TO BE CONTINUED?!

Seriously, if you can't figure out by now there be spoilers behind this cut... )
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Maybe I need to finish watching the early seasons (faster, QuikFlix Netflix, faster!)

Motorcycle goes vroom, vroom! )
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To be fair, baseball fans, I too was riveted to game 7 (then again, it could be the 12oz candy corn binge during my traditional Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin showing). Nevertheless, SpoilerFix summed up my emo nicely:

Large Pic Behind Cut )
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Spoilery, proverbial kneejerk reaction and -points icon-

If I Had Rules... )
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I always give shows 4-5 episodes before a final verdict...

Note: Spoilery word stuff behind cut.

Okay, I'll try the Eggs Benedict )

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