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So I was asked about a master fic list and I thought 'Oh sure, no problem' except oy, I scattered fics everywhere! The bulk of my Stargate SG-1 fics, however, are not listed yet so this list will be expanded in a few months.

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My friend Brate is back again with a final edition of Jumper zine. Many of their authors came back for one last batch of gen stories of Stargate: Atlantis, highlighting the friendship between John Sheppard and Rodney McKay.

Jumper Five will premiere Memorial Day weekend, May 2017 at the MediaWest Convention in Lansing, Michigan.

The zine format is a perfect-bound 6"x9" paperback, and has 216 pages of fic, black and white interior art, and a lovely color cover. The zine is $15 in person at the con, and $21.65 via mail (anywhere in the U.S.). Email Brate for a total cost with shipping for other destinations. They take Paypal, or you can email her ( for an address where you can send a check or money order. Mail orders will be sent out starting June 1.

Contributing Authors:
Sheila Paulson
K Hanna Korossy
Blue Abyss

Story summaries and ordering information are listed on Brate's Dreamwidth journal:Jumper Five Zine. All of the stories are brand new, not previously posted, and will not be posted online for a year after publication.

This will be a limited print run. Once they run out, the zine will no longer be available in the hard copy format.

Also available as eBooks [PDF, MOBI, or EPUB] are the first four editions of Jumper as well as both editions of Cross the Gate, which has stories with fandoms crossed with Stargate SG-1 or Stargate: Atlantis (including two of my stories!) Zine eBooks. After all hard copies have been sold, Jumper Five will be available as an eBook.
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Moving to DW made me realize how long it's been I reached out to the fan community. Living the life of a Muggle Mundane, it's a tad lonely. I miss squeeing with fellow fans about an episode or marathon writing the newest fanfic. Heck, I miss Yahoo Listgroups (which shows how long I've been wading the fandom pool, OMG).

I haven't dropped out of fandom completely though. As I struggle to get published, writing pro instead of fan, I realized that if I ever get published and someone asks, I am going to be so dang proud to say, "Yes, I am a fan."

Not going anywhere, folks. Just taking longer to get there. :)

Typing away and Always with Smiles,
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Lockdown won for Gen Angst in the [ profile] ncis_fan_awards Awards! O.o!

I'm stunned, I'm honored, I'm checking out the noms there for more fic to read!

Lockdown Award

Thank you all for the votes!
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I'm tickled to have one of my personal favorites nominated. Whether you vote (for me or someone else) or not, these sort of venues are also the best way to discover new fic you might have missed!

NCIS banner nominated_1
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(smacks forehead)

Oh yes, I've been posting fic on AO3. I've been scolded I should mention something here.

FANDOM: Avengers
TITLE: You Must Remember This (otherwise forget it)
LENGTH: 25K, complete
SUMMARY: Familiar faces are showing up in old familiar places yet it didn't make any sense...

FANDOM: White Collar
TITLE: I'm Okay, We're Okay
LENGTH: 800 words
SUMMARY: Neal said he was okay after 2X01 "Withdrawal", but Peter knew better.
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Because, dude, blooper reels never get old...

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Quick note so those who friended this LJ would not have done so in vain. LOL. Did a bit of Whitechapel fic, posted on AO3 here:

Title: Eavesdroppers
Written By: Yuma
Timeline: Between episodes 3X02 and 3X03
Spoilers: Various episodes between series 1 up to 3X02. Strong spoiler references from series 2.
Rating: PG-13
Length: 49K+
Status: complete
Warnings: Graphic violence, disturbing imagery, strong language. Pretty much what you'll find in a standard post-watershed BBC crime mystery.
Summary: A serial killer case becomes personal for the team when their DI disappears.

Only for you, [ profile] penfold_x. LOL.


Aug. 7th, 2013 02:27 pm
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Originally posted from [ profile] whitechapel_itv by [ profile] yorkshirewench at Soon!
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First Avengers fic. OMG, wait, I change my mind...LOL.

Title: To Whom It May Concern
Author: [ profile] mrwubbles aka Yum@
Characters: Gen, Tony Stark, Avengers (MCU), Phil Coulson, JARVIS
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5K+
Spoilers: minor mentions of The Avengers, Iron Man 3
Warning: mentions canon character death, strong language, pop references, and possible characterization mis-fire.
Summary: Tony gets a visitor in his workshop. It pretty much goes downhill from there.

| Offsite on AO3 |

PS: Hm, time to search for Avengers icons...

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