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Oct. 13th, 2017 05:55 pm
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... but I wanted to talk to 'somebody', so here it is. I love Hallowe'en, and every year on the Mag7 Daybook community I run a prompt fest to celebrate.  Usually it's a lot of fun.  I love picking out the pictures for the encouragement posts, love posting my own prompts, just a lot of fun all around.

This year... I'm experiencing doubts this year, maybe a small bout of survivor's guilt. There've been wildfires all up and down the NA Rockies into Canada as well as Washington, Idaho, MT, and OR.  Then we had Harvey, Irma, Marie, and Jose in quick succession, and then Nate, which hit my own area a couple weeks ago.  Then the LV shootings.  Then the Napa/ wine country fires that spread so quickly and have already killed 31 people, with 400 MIA.  And a large part of me is going "Should I really do this celebration this year?  We've already had REAL nightmares and scary things aplenty, so much so, do we really have anything to *celebrate*?"

I'm not sure of the answer there.  What I do know is, I feel a bit odd this year.  I think the Hallowe'en prompt fest has become an institution and I'm loathe to just stop it for those who look forward to it as I do, and yet.... It's always 'And yet...' 

And I just figured out one of the major signs that I'm feeling stressed about the current troubles is that I haven't turned on the tv for at least a week.  Not even to binge-watch DVDs, of which I have a back-log almost as long as my To Be Read pile is high.  I find myself remembering Matthew Shepherd, and just going UGH.

And that's today's post.
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Brought to you from an hour east of Nate-landfall. I'm ok, lost power for 11ish hours. Lost a shingle here, a shingle there. 1 thing I didn't expect - forgot my well-pump was electrical... oops. Now prioritizing an emergency generator. Probably won't get it until spring, though. Slight drive through local area reveals no major damage, although things like wifi are down in various spots, and plenty of yards have limbs and leaves down.

So, now it's time to eat some of the yummy stuff i bought to help ride out the storm. Like the cookies!


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