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Seriously guys, stop sending me recs to read, knowing I will love them to bits. You're not suppose to be enabling me. LOL. I should be writing. I left John Gage in the trunk, Kirk suffocating in a dying shuttle, Castle in midtown traffic, Daniel pointing a bread knife at Jack, Owen deciding on the 'lesser of two Weevils', Ezra and Vin stuck in a burning ward and DiNozzo in Ducky's morgue for way too long.

And if you can name all those fandoms, go you. LOL.

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Because darn it, we need some comfort fics. Three new ones for all you out there wanting h/c and "Awwws".

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-headdesk- Really, last batch. No joke. A bad week of medical insurance snafus and uncertainty about the rest of my life had sent me fleeing for h/c fic to read, not write. Blessed friends sent me loads and I reread some from back in the day (oh for the love of Mike, it was just last month!).

What it meant though is more recs this way. Honestly, I should get back to writing. I have prompts to finish. Deadlines to meet. My plot bunnies are screaming.

If bunnies scream, that is. In my experience, they just shed and poo--Stop that! Not on the laptop!


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Well, I obviously had more. Actually, I have twenty-seven more fics I want to rec but with only one hand to type, the rest come in chunks. I'm not posting them by order of like, just simply my bookmarks are that disorganized.

I've updated the main list, marking those that are new, but also included them under the cut.

And if you have gen fics you want to rec, by all means: share.

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Okay, with the movie came the overwhelming thirst for h/c for many of us. And let's face it, Nu!Kirk (does anyone get a flashback to that time when Coke came out with a new formula? No? Must be just me then. LOL), has given us much fodder for him to be the recipient. Dude, he was choked (twice), beaten up (trice), marooned (just once), got the Vulcan-version of a hello (oh my flipping God, give him an aspirin already) and lost Daddy Kirk all within 2hrs 6mins. Ouch! Someone give him a hug already!

Not since Stargate SG-1 have I seen such an explosion of fic, vids and icons flooding the datastreams. I've spent many lost days (Huh? What do you mean it's morning already?) perusing the fic and oooh, I am nowhere near done! A few so far has stood out and to return the favor (revenge) of many sending me recs of my other fandoms, I thought I would make a list here of my own.

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