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I'm tickled to have one of my personal favorites nominated. Whether you vote (for me or someone else) or not, these sort of venues are also the best way to discover new fic you might have missed!

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Because these two vids need to be acknowledged as it hits upon other fan fun favorites: Top Gear and Muppets.

You heard me. Muppets

Why temples should be built for them )
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This video was made by the crew for David Tennant's departure of Doctor Who, played to the music of his favorite music band evah. LOL.

Seriously, key highlights? Line marching with Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane and da Master. Link shared to me today. Thought I'd pay it forward to all of you because this vid was just full of happy.

How can you not love Ten? )
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Back in February, I had caught bits of what looked like a British awards show and this one singer was awesome but no name, no song title, argh! I pretty much figured I was doomed to never finding out.

Serendipity rolls by and some fellow eLJayers caught wind of another eLJayer with a link to awesome!singer with yet one more awesome song.

Can you fall in love at first sight twice? )

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