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So I was asked about a master fic list and I thought 'Oh sure, no problem' except oy, I scattered fics everywhere! The bulk of my Stargate SG-1 fics, however, are not listed yet so this list will be expanded in a few months.

due south | emergency | magnificent 7: atf | ncis | numb3rs | secret adventures of jules verne | the sentinel | sherlock bbc | star trek reboot | star trek : tos | stargate sg-1 | supernatural | torchwood | white collar

| fandom: due south |
title: Brings Back
summary: When Mountie met wolfie...

title: Stakeout
summary: What do you get when you put Ray, a wolf, and a displaced Mountie together
in a car?

| fandom: emergency! |
title: Bedside Manner
summary: Great. He wasn't sure if he was worried for his partner or glad. Either way,
he was going to kill him. Post "Insomnia", third season.
link: lj | | Audrey's

title: Blind Faith
summary: It's what you can't see that really says it all…
link: lj | | Audrey's

title: First Order of Business
summary: Captain Hank Stanley was new, but he was at 51 long enough to know that this
was a really bad idea…
link: lj | | Audrey's

title: Holding Pattern
summary: All he knew, all that was left, was the command to hold on.
link: lj | | Audrey's

title: Open Door Policy
summary: Ever noticed the captain's door was always open? The ubiquitous 'Five
Things' fic. Five times Capt. Stanley's Door Was Closed
link: lj | | Audrey's

title: Run
summary: A call turns out not to be a call after all, but someone still needed help.
link: lj | | Audrey's

title: Search and Rescue
summary: It doesn't matter how much it hurts, the path will always lead them back
link: lj | | Audrey's

title: The Choice
summary: Right now, Roy DeSoto needed to be a paramedic. Tag to fourth season episode
"The Mouse".
link: lj | | Audrey's

title: The Standbys
summary: How do you help when you're forced to stay behind?
link: lj | Audrey's

title: …The Line of Duty
summary: Tag for fifth season's episode Above and Beyond…Nearly
link: lj | | Audrey's

| fandom: the magnificent seven atf |
title: Headache
summary: Ezra has a headache. (really, that's the summary. It is what it is. LOL.)
link: ao3 | lj

title: Identity
summary: Who was he? Depends on who was asking.
link: ao3 | lj |

| fandom: ncis |
title: The Boat, the Bourbon and the Basement
summary: He gets it. Gibbs did, too…Post "Bounce" tag.
link: lj |

title: Bonus Points
summary: Even when Tony lost, it still felt like he won.
link: lj |

title: Debate
summary: Sometimes, it's better not to think…Tag to 3rd season episode "Bait"
link: lj |

title: Fifteen Percent
summary: The experts said the survival rate was fifteen percent. You would think someone would have wanted to know. Post 'SWAK' but before 'Twilight'
link: lj |

title: Half Empty, Half Full
summary: Some days, you just need coffee…
link: lj |

title: Idle Conversations: Do
summary: He wasn't really expecting an answer… Post "Hiatus". Minor "Hiatus" spoilers.
link: lj |

title: Lockdown
summary: It's SOP Standard Operating Procedure , except there was nothing standard
about being shot, trapped and possibly hunted down within NCIS. Being locked in also means
you can't get out.
link: lj | | ao3

title: Sunday Dinners * new 09.20.11 *
summary: It wasn't meatloaf. No one's asked to pass the damn mashed potatoes. Nevertheless, for them, it was the same. For [ profile] ncis_bigbang Big Bang 2011.
link: lj

| fandom: numb3rs|
title: The Contradiction of Z
summary: Some things just don't add up for Charles Eppes and only his brother can
answer why.
link: CalSci Library |

title: The Imperfect Cadence Of A Bubble
summary: Episode tag to Running Man. Everyone has their bubble but what about Don?
link: CalSci Library |

| fandom: the secret adventures of jules verne |

| fandom: the sentinel |
title: Idle Conversations: Romper
summary: Sometimes, it's like working with children.
link: lj

title: Jump
summary: He can see now, but doen't want to see Blair fall. Missing scene from Blind
Man's Bluff. 2 of 3 codas of BMB. 1st POV Jim Ellison

title: The Other Four Senses
summary: He may be blind now, but he can still see. Missing scene from Blind Man's
Bluff. 1 of 3 codas of BMB. 1st POV Jim Ellison

title: Woof

| fandom: Sherlock bbc |
title: Prompt #1: New
summary: Murder, a chase, a car. Same old, same old. Until Sherlock learns something new…
link: lj

title: Prompt #2: Love<
summary: Mycroft considered his motives could perhaps be regarded as selfish.
link: lj

title: Prompt #3: Older/Younger
summary: Mycroft receives a very large revelation from something very small…
link: lj

title: The Writing On The Wall
summary: It was obvious, should anyone care to look at John Watson.
link: lj

| fandom: star trek reboot |
title: Accidenty
summary: 100 word #10 "Accident"
link: lj

title: And The Band Keeps Playing On
summary: Jim asked five questions about Tarsus. He received five answers.
link: ao3 | lj |

title: Behind the Shield
summary: FBI Special Agent Leonard McCoy, White Collar Division wants to catch the
Dutchman. But can the infamous James Kirk, a reformed young con artist, really help him? Or
is this one big con, too? A revisit of White Collar's pilot, Star Trek style.
link: ao3 | lj |

| fandom: star trek: tos |
title: Duty
summary: Post "Journey to Babel", they all watch out for each other in their own ways. For [ profile] happy_trekmas prompt.
link: lj |

| fandom: stargate sg-1 |
Note: A majority of my Stargate SG-1 fics are housed within
and some in However, as I fully intend to tweak SGF with [ profile] cleothemuse
(soon, my dearest. Sooon!), links to Stargate fic are subject to change. So I'll only
post the ones in ff and lj for now.

title: Alone
summary: Missing scene after the second season episode Secrets

title: And Should I Wake
summary: What had motivated Daniel Jackson to unbury the Stargate before the premiere

title: Chess Game
summary: Jack discovers some foundations aren't so easily repaired. Takes place after
Shades of Gray This story was formerly from Gateways.

title: Chosen
summary: During a mission, the SG1 team encounters an old enemy.

title: Conversation
summary: Trapped in a cavein with nothing better to do.

title: Drabble: Coffee
summary: Romancing the java.
link: lj

title: Drabble 2: Coffee
summary: The 23rd language.
link: lj

title: Duck
summary: Conversation overheard with Jack and Daniel. Who's training who?

title: Fate's Reflection (Abridged)
summary: Jack O'Neill thought he had seen the last of the quantum mirror. But when
someone comes through the Stargate wearing his face, he finds himself and his team thrown
into a war that could bear impossibly high costs for them all. Spoilers from seasons 1 to 3

title: Heir To A Legacy : The Inheritance
summary: Jack and Daniel deals with the aftermath of Machello's legacy. Missing scene
from third season episode Legacy

title: It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
summary: You may be offplanet, but that doesn't mean no Halloween.

title: Morals
summary: Daniel reacts to a mission gone wrong...

title: Off The Edge Of My Sorrows
summary: A missing scene from the episode The Light Various POV.

title: Red Harvest
summary: I'm cured, was what Daniel said and Machello's legacy comes to an end. But
when a fractured team comes back together, Col. Jack O'Neill realizes nothing is truly over
or truly cured. Happens after Legacy.

title: Sense of Humor
summary: If this was someone's idea of a joke, I wasn't laughing. Jack POV. Tag to
The Curse

title: To Return The Way I Was Before
summary: All it took was a single fall to show how fragile and important their
friendship was. Formerly from Gateways. Contains spoilers from season 1 and 2.

title: Under My Feet
summary: A soldier gets to know Doctor Daniel Jackson better.....1st person point of

| fandom: supernatural |
title: Idle Conversations: Shotgun
summary: Because it's only a promise if someone hears it… A Supernatural drabble.
link: lj

title: Polaroids : Breathing
summary: He could see him a shadow writhing in the deep, limbs stilling that only
sped up his own. Yet another SPN drabble.
link: lj |

title: Polaroids : The Impala
summary: They always rang hollow despite its occupant. A Supernatural drabble.
link: lj |

title: Sammy the Shrimp
summary: You would think a guy that size would be hard to hide… A Round Robin based
on a picture from Jared's movie New York Minute. Set early-season 1.

| fandom: torchwood |
title: Before You Know It
summary: In all honesty, he should have been expecting it. He was there when boys,
not yet men, suffered what was first called shell-shock, then combat fatigue, to the neatly
packaged politically correct acronym. Spoilers from DW's Utopia and TLOTTL.
link: lj |

title: Idle Conversations: Number Seven
summary: He was tired yet closing his eyes right now would feel like a cruel joke. A
GEN tag for season one's "Out of Time".
link: lj |

| fandom: white collar |
title: The Scorpion's Ghost * new 09.17.11 *
summary: Neal wakes up next to a dead man but he has no recollection who the man is or how Neal got there. Slowly, Neal begins to regain his memory. But what he's remembering is not what he's being told. Who's conning whom? For [ profile] whitecollar_bb Big Bang 2011.
link: lj | ao3

title: The Sum of Its Parts
summary: Bit by bit, it all adds up for Peter. For [ profile] whitecollarswap fic prompt.
link: lj

Reviewing the list...Wow. I watch a lot of TV. LOL.

Date: 2011-10-18 10:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh yay! Glad to see a master fic list with a coupla fandoms I read in :) Will definitely be back.

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