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On the one hand, love the idea of seeing everyone. Sad to see membership diminishing but still the best way to do meet-ups for all things fannish.

Then again, Yuma no like fly areo-plane. No no no no...

What/Who to pack (Mediawest style)
1. Big blue police box: because it's bigger on the inside, unlike my wallet
2. Stetson hat: because we "wear a Stetson now. Stetsons' are cool."
3. Mark Shepard: because duuuude, who doesn't want a demonic, former FBI agent/Companion currently working for Interpol? LOL
4. River Song: because there may be spoilers to ahare
5. A Silence Alien: maybe I could convince the calories from Bob Evans and Crack Barrel to forget about me
6. floppy stuffed bunny: because Angela and Hodgin's kid is too little for it yet and it's just darn cute!
7. Booth's sniper rifle: because I heard the tree frogs are pretty vicious in Lansing. LOL
8. Impala '67: because metallicar is indestructible, impervious to possessed semis, hammers to trunks, opening of cages, Christine-like possessions and the occasional opening of Purgatory
9. Auto-repair toolbox: because, er, see above. LOL
10. Gene the cow: because you always need milk
11. tea: because it rejuvenates Time Lords and the occasional mentalists
12. Abby's Mass Spec: because I want to know what the heck is that spot on the carpet...
13. a blue scarf from Paul Frank: isn't it obvious? LOL
14. Stig: I really don't have to explain, do I? (he wouldn't)
15. transporter: because 'Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence'
16. Rock salt: because I still think there's something seriously off about that fifth floor!
17. GPS anklet: because it's hard to keep track of everybody. :)
18: Neal Caffery: oh heck, since I'm packing the anklet anyway...
19: Satchmo: come on! It's Satchmo!
20. Tardis blue invitation cards: in case I need to invite people to 1969
21. McGee: because sometimes the free Wifi there is a bitch to set up
22. Hedwig: in case the WiFi goes down...
23. Rick Castle: because I need a space cowboy to help me write my Big Bangs! ~wail~ :)
24. phaser: because trolls in panels can be pretty annoying...
25. long umbrella: in case I need to stand in an abandoned warehouse somewhere and fiddle with the CCTVs
26. Pandorica: you never know when you may need a perfect prison....
27. extra ice box: where else I'm going to store my experiments?!

Well, that's all I can think of so far. Anyone think of anything else? :)
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