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2015-04-05 11:42 pm

NON-SEQUITUR: Lockdown Fic Vote and Look! Pretty Banner!

Lockdown won for Gen Angst in the [ profile] ncis_fan_awards Awards! O.o!

I'm stunned, I'm honored, I'm checking out the noms there for more fic to read!

Lockdown Award

Thank you all for the votes!
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2015-01-31 10:48 am

FANNISH: nomination (in case you're interested)

I'm tickled to have one of my personal favorites nominated. Whether you vote (for me or someone else) or not, these sort of venues are also the best way to discover new fic you might have missed!

NCIS banner nominated_1
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2013-10-28 05:05 pm

Non-Sequitur: Star Wars Blooper Reel

Because, dude, blooper reels never get old...