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Here we are again, scant days away from Mediawest. So of course, I must make my annual list of things I wish I could bring...

If I 'held a minor position in the British government', the people I would love to pack away in my TARDIS blue police box (with color coordinating handbag), I would shanghai invite:

1. Leroy Jethro Gibbs: because they'll never run out of coffee, patience, peanuts, pretzels, carry-on room, leg room for this guy
2. Tony DiNozzo: because I need something other than SkyMall to look at!
3. Harold Finch: fellow tea drinker! Okay, the one sugar is forgivable because he's an avid book reader (dude, bros), and with his mad computing skills, maybe I can get bumped up to First Class?
4. Gene the cow: fresh milk is hard to find these days...
5. Richard Castle: he'll probably tell me better stories than my Kindle
6. Neal Cafferty: if Finch can't get us to First Class, maybe Neal can?
7. Peter Burke: to keep Neal from stealing my wallet! LOL.
8. Castiel (7th season): come on, admit it, the dude's amusing these days
9. Sherlock Holmes (BBC verse): I need someone to play Cluedo with
10. John Watson: otherwise Sherlock is unbearable and I might be tempted to plea with Castiel to smite him.
11. John Reese: considering all the people with me, someone has to keep an eye on them!
12. DI Joesph Chandler: he can help me sort out my M&Ms so I can eat all the blue ones. They're the best!
13. Sergeant Ray Miles: to ensure Chandler doesn't have a 'wobble' when I eat all the brown ones
14. Saito: we'll need him to buy the entire airline because boy, this plane is getting crowded!
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